Our Equines


Cleo is the newest member of our barn family, having come to the barn just 2 months ago. She stands at 15.1 hands and is a 13-year-old Belgian cross. Cleo is very smart, making it easy to incorporate her into our lesson program. Watch your pockets, though, because she will take any treats you have.


Oakie is a 24-year-old 16 hand bay Quarter horse. He used to be a chase pony at Saratoga Racetrack but enjoys the slower pace of carrying our therapeutic riders in their lessons. Oakie will give kisses to anyone with a treat.


Benny is a 16-year-old draft cross. Standing at only 14 hands, he is technically a pony, but don’t tell him that! Benny has been with Victoria Acres for a year and works with both our able bodied and PATH programs. We do not know much about what Benny’s past was like, but he seems very happy as a lesson horse and his riders are thrilled to have him here. He keeps his riders on their toes when he looks for treats on the barrels during a lesson.

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is one of our stars! A 24-year-old palomino quarter horse, Ellie Mae has been there and done that. She is a master at putting our physically and emotionally challenged riders at ease and helping them overcome their struggles. Ellie Mae will stand for whatever we need and has not met a person she does not like.


Winnie, a 14.2 hand red roan Quarter Horse, has been with us since 2013. Winnie absolutely loves to be groomed and will stand all day if you have got a brush in your hand. She is always entertaining us with her funny faces when we take a curry comb to her ‘tickle spot.’


Felix is a 20-year-old 15.3 red dun Quarter Horse who has been with us for just over a year. Felix is very sensitive and mirrors the heart of his rider, making him very good with our therapeutic programs. Felix is a little shy, but he loves a good cuddle and some treats.


Jingles is our biggest horse at the barn, but do not let her size scare you, she is a gentle giant! Jingles is a 16.2 hand Palomino Belgian mare, who will literally do anything for just one more treat! Jingles has been used in every program we offer, including our able-bodied lessons, PATH programs, and Veterans program. Before she started helping Victoria Acres with lessons, Jingles won quite a few blue ribbons in the show ring. Her confidence helps to empower her riders and let them build confidence of their own.

Holly and Sophie

Holly and Sophie are the best therapy Donkeys you will ever meet! They adore people and will stand to be cuddled, groomed, or snack on any tasty treats. Because of their small stature, they help to ease anxiety for our most timid or small clients, and since their walk is slow and steady, they help to build confidence. Sophie is a miniature donkey, while Holly is a standard size donkey. Holly is smaller than average because her growth was stunted by malnutrition. She was rescued from a kill pen and brought back to life with proper nutrition and tons of love. She gives back every day by loving and enriching our clients!

Titan and Spartan

Titan and Spartan were found on the side of the road 4 years ago, by our Executive Director on her way to the facility. They were very young at the time. We tried to find where they came from but were unable to. They have joined our barn family and provide comic relief at the facility. Titan and Spartan love to play and they love goat treats even more!