Victoria Acres Equine Facility is looking for volunteers to help with our programs and barn chores. All of our riders will require a volunteer lead walker to control the horse, and two side walkers to assist the rider, one on each side of the horse. In addition, we seek volunteers to work one on one with each of the participants during learning sessions of our Horse Sense Programs.

We require our volunteers to be at least 16 years of age and be willing to commit to working at least one night a week. We hold a mandatory training session for all new volunteers at the facility, explaining procedures and offering an opportunity to familiarize yourselves with our facility, staff, horses, goats, and donkeys.

Please fill out the Volunteer Registration Forms below and then contact the facility to schedule a tour at (518) 813-8805 or reach us via email at info@VictoriaAcresEquineFacility.com

Barn Chores Volunteering

We are always in need of extra hands around the barn. If you are interested in volunteering around the barn give us a call! Some of the chores that are needed to be done daily are as follows:

  • Cleaning stalls
  • Feeding, graining, and watering the horses
  • Bringing the horses and other animals in/out depending on the season
  • Keeping the barn neat and tidy

Horse experience is always a plus but we will gladly teach you what you need to know so you can then become an expert too!

Program Volunteering

Side Walker Volunteer: As a side walker, your responsibility is to walk alongside the rider while mounted, and provide as much or as little support as needed according to the instructor.

Lead Walker Volunteer: As a lead walker your responsibility is being in control of the horse. You will follow the instructor’s directions and contribute as much help in steering and speed as directed.

One on One Volunteer: As a one on one volunteer, your responsibility is to work with and help the participant with all activities that are being performed during the Horse Sense program. There are 2 – 3 lessons that are taught each evening and the instructor will need your help to work alongside the participant to help them follow along with what is being taught and to help keep the participant safe at all times. Each night there is a lesson plan along with a schedule of what each participant will be doing at each time during the session. You are asked to help keep the participant on task and have them ready and out to the arena for their riding time.