“There is something about the outside of the horse that’s good for the inside of a man.”

-Sir Winston Churchill

Horses4Heroes’ Back in the Saddle is a Life Skills workshop. The main goal of equine facilitated work is to teach life skills through guided horse interaction. These skills include: connection, trust, self confidence, communication, energy, respect, motivation, and problem solving.

Participants will be working with horses in various situations, all “in-hand”, which means you are guiding the horse with a lead rope (not riding!). In the later sessions, you may do the exercises “under saddle”. The Back in the Saddle program at Victoria Acres serves 6 participants in a group session that will run for 8 weeks, 2 hours per night.

In addition to learning or being introduced to important life skills, you will learn about safe handling of horses including the proper way to introduce yourself to a horse, how to halter and lead, groom and saddle.

Activities have been taken or adopted from “Equine Assisted Ground Activates and Tools”, produced by Horsework Education and used with their permission.

Sessions will be conducted with our equine instructor who will be accompanied by a Mental Health Professional worker along with volunteers as needed to assist the instructor and help participants perform the activities and interactions with the horses.

Know an individual struggling? Please tell them about the program or make a donation in their honor. If you are interested in this program, please contact us to set up an informal meeting at the barn to see how we can help you.

Please consider reaching out to donate today to help us continue to keep this program free or low-cost.